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South African Education in a mess

Presenting the latest country report in Cape Town last week, SA Institute for Race Relations (SAIRR) chief executive John Kane-Berman claimed that up to 80 % of the country’s public schools are dysfunctional despite a decade of incremental increases in public spending on the education system. The  education system is also failing to produce the skills required for job creation and poverty reduction.

In his presentation, Kane-Berman suggested taking lessons from the 20 best performing public schools, the so-called “centres of excellence in public education”. He also proposed that pupils be taught in their mother tongue, that “bureaucratic foul-ups” such as missing text books be addressed, that discipline be restored by allowing teachers to act against unruly pupils and that school governing bodies be given the power to hire and fire teachers. To read more click here!

Taken from the Daily News, 7 April 2008


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