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Survey of e-Learning in Africa

UNITWIN/UNESCO Chair in ICT for Development recently released their Survey of e-Learning in Africa. This report summarises information about the status of e-learning in Africa based on 316 responses to a questionnaire circulated in 2007 to people on the e-Learning Africa database. Respondents to the survey were from 42 different African countries, with Kenya (15%), South Africa (12%), Nigeria (11%), Ethiopia (9%) and Uganda (8%) furnishing most respondents.

These respondents provided a wide variety of information about their e-learning practices, and it is difficult to draw overarching generalisations based on the evidence provided. Nevertheless, three main conclusions can be drawn: 

  • there is a wide variety of different e-learning practices in Africa;  
  • e-learning is still very much in its infancy across most of the continent;  
  • there is much enthusiasm amongst respondents for developing the potential of e-learning in their countries.

    Click Here to read the Survey!

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