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New tracking system for South African school learners

The South Africa Department of Education has launched a new system aimed at tracking the movements of pupils from school to school. Called the Learner Unit Record Information and Tracking System (LURITS), the system will assign each pupil a unique tracking number that will remain with the pupil throughout his or her school career, giving school officials accurate learner enrollment data according to the South African Minister of Education Naledi Pandor.

The intention of the system is to collect the unit record data of each learner in the country from Grade R to Grade 12 and to track the movement of each learner from school to school throughout their school careers and to keep a history of each learner in the system. The system will also be able to identify individual learners who have left the system and will be able to compile accurate profiles of these learners.

To read more on the Learner Unit Record Information and Tracking System (LURITS) Click Here!


One Response

  1. Wow, you want to give them tracking numbers but are you aware that some parents’ (single mothers) struggle to get an education for their kids, especially if the child is adamanent in having an education. You always say EVERY CHILD HAS A RIGHT TO AN EDUCATION but little do they know how difficult it is to get one. When I was in school you had a right to be there irrespective if you were a drug addict, alcoholic, etc. With the law now if you are 16 turning 17 and you have been out of school for a while due to various reasons the department of education simply deletes you from the system, like you never existed. Every avenue I have taken, every school I enquired with, every email I sent to the department of education; they failed to assist. No, they did not fail me, but my son. You have no idea what it’s like or how he feels. That is why we have so much crime, addicts in this country. All my son wants is an education, that’s all. So the next time you get mugged, hi-jacked it could be my son that’s doing it.

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