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Top South African Journals to go open access

A new project modelled on the Brazil-based Scientific Electronic Online Library (SciELO),  aims to put African research on the map by providing free access to a range of South Africa’s top academic journals. The South African Journal of Science will lead the way, becoming the first high profile open access journal by the end of March.

Robin Crewe of the Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSA), the publisher of the journal, announced the project at the African Science Communication Conference in Johannesburg last month.

To read more got to the article on University World News by Clicking Here!


One Response

  1. Hi!
    I see that you are interested about OA in South Africa.I will be free to say my opinion.Access to online content requires Internet access, and this distributional consideration presents physical and sometimes financial “barriers” to access. Proponents of OA argue that Internet access barriers are relatively low in many circumstances, that efforts should be made to subsidize universal Internet access, whereas pay-for-access presents a relatively high additional barrier over and above Internet access itself.
    One of the great beneficiaries of open access may be users in developing countries, where there are currently some universities with no journal subscriptions at all.
    I hope that I help you.
    Good luck!

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