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What is behind South Africa’s high university dropout rates?

A recent article released by Moneyweb touches on the reasons for the high dropout rates at South African Universities. The article refers to recent information released by Higher Education SA (HESA), a Section 21 company representing all 23 public universities in South Africa, that the dropout rate escalated alarmingly in recent years, and is hitting highs of up of up to 35% at some universities, with the bulk of those leaving being first-year students.  It also refers to the Human Sciences Research Council’s recent study of about 34 000 students which showed that of this amount, only 14 000 students graduated, with some 20 000 dropping out of their courses, most of them being either in their first year or midway through their second year of study.

To read the rest of the Moneyweb article Click Here!


Reasoning is the most preferred method of disciplining in SA schools

Reasoning and discussion is the most preferred method of disciplining in South African schools, a Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) study revealed recently. The study by Mbithi wa Kivilu and Muchiri Wandrai is titled “Spare the rod and save the child, most South Africans believe”.

The study  investigated changes in attitudes towards methods of disciplining school pupils among South Africans aged 16 years and older, and was drawn from the annual South African Social Attitudes Survey (SASAS) between 2003 and 2006. The study also included other influences, such as religion, gender, and race on these attitudes.

To read more go to the SAPA article on News 24 by Clicking Here! Alternatively go to the HSRC study by Clicking Here!