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Angie Motshekga appointed as Minister of Basic Education

Mrs Angelina Matsie “Angie” Motshekga (born 19 JuneMotshekga  1955) has been appointed as Minister of Basic Education by the South African president elect Mr Jacob Zuma.  She is the Deputy Chair: ANC Gauteng, a Member of the Executive Council of the Gauteng Provincial Education Department, ANC Member of the Gauteng Provincial Legislature,  and Deputy Secretary of the ANC Women’s League. She holds a Masters degree in Education from the University of the Witwatersrand. For more information on her go to 24.com Who’s who by Clicking Here!

20 Responses

  1. With all your due respect honourable minister. I would like to bring it to your attention that there are pupils in the eastern Cape Elliotdale(Mpame and Zithulele) would very much appreciate proper and well maintain learning environment that will in the long-rune encourage and motivation them to treasur education as an important tool to the success of young people. I left mpame after I successfully passed my grade 5 through difficalt circumstances I complete the rest of my highe education in Cape Town were I matriculated in 2010 at this moment i’m workng towards my Bcom degree at the University of the Western Cape. Thus, what I have weakness of which I had weakness for many years is that pupils in rural areas are totally ignored when it comes to learning material. I woud very much appreciate if a public library could be open at Zithulele or some where around that area where. Students in rural areas in general are not exposed to various careers or books that contain information about careers. 95% of learners in rural areas do not continue with their studies after matric. You can do a research by yourself of how may students passed matric at Zithulele High School. Thus this needs serious attention. If planning is requred I would be willing top constract it with those in charge.
    Thank you.
    Luyanda Bobo

  2. I’m a social worker in private practise, i’ve worked in various sectors for 9years, lately i’ve been doing skills development training to the matriculated youth of south africa, i’m training them on basic counselling skills & drug addiction counselling skills. The aim is to have each one of them to the local township schools, their duties is to do counselling and awareness campaigns to teenagers on teenage pregnancy, to also create drug awereness, as well as testing these kids imediately should they be suspected to be using drugs, thus means a child does not have to leave the school and miss classes in order to be tested for cannabies. Now my challenge is this, how do i approach the schools with the offer. Can the Madam Minister assist me, as this will lower the rate of teenage pregnancy at schools that is viewed as a status and the new lifestyle they have adopted which is drug addiction, that is perceived to be making today’s youth cool!. Thanks, Kind Regards, Nombulelo Maliza, Practise no. 0366315

  3. honourable minister,my name is Violet Ndlovu.I am 26yrs old and a
    mother of 2 boys, i live in a small community called Sannieshof right after luchtenburg in the Northwest but am originally from Brits.Mme,could you please help me…
    There are serious challenges facing children in this community,eg;NEGLEGENCY,ABUSE,POOR EDUCATION, AND LACK OF SUPPORT.I have prepared an educational program for teachers,parents,and the children about Rights & Responsibility as i’ve realised that this community has lost the meaning of Rights.It’s unfortunate for me to inform you that for two years now,i have found it defficult to start or do any project in this community because i was not born here,that’s what i’ve been told every time i approached the officials in the municipal departments dealing with the needs of the kind of project i want to engage in. early this year,mme Ednah Molewa visited our community and i attended the event.And i was sure that things would be better as i was given platform to represent the youth,but even today my dream about the community children is fading away. i am left with only one option now,to go back home in Brits.
    Mama,my rights as an individual are not met as i am being descriminated,for trying to teach children the right path to a better future. they are already engaging into sex,{ cases at school} dropping out of school{10-14 yrs}drinking, and smoking. one looks at the behavior of all this chilren and finds that it all started at home. i approached the primary school principal about all this things happening in the community with the children and begged him to allow me to have sessions with the children at school as sort of a school project to enhance the importance of education to the community. he said the department of education does not allow people from the community to be involved in school project. my minister, parents have given me the permission to work with their children. but i cant do anything if the principal shows no intrest of support because of who i am.
    this reactions towards me has made me speculate my existance in this community,i am an African, i have a greenbook, and i belong to the ANC. but now the same people like me are being prejudistic towards me.
    i dont know what to do,i have tried so hard to live this place but i can not leave children that i know deserves to be given the right direction in life to be distructed and misled. i have been politically active since i matriculated in 2004,and this year i became part of the BEC in the youth leaque in Brits. there is nothing happening here in Sannieshof, no woman’s leaque, no youth leaque, no community meetings, those things are there by name. as for the schools: teachers date school children, no more sports activities, principals spend money that parents contribute towards upliftment of the school for their personal issues. same goes to the SAPS.The children have to grow up in a place like this? what kind of future are they going to have if they are tought that white people are enemies? what kind of adults are they going to be in the community tomorrow? all i want to do is teach them that they are important, they are leaders, and that they can be whatever they want to be and be right with the law…i dont want to give up,and its tough on me cause i have my own responsibilities that av put aside to fight for this children,i am tired of being called names,but am strong cause i know i will make it at the end just like the people who fought for my freedom.
    Hounorable Minister,politics are taking over negatively in this community as children are dragged in as well,education is very issential to all of us,but Agisanang community is slowly but surely dying as theres lack of support for school.
    ma,please help me help the chilren!!!!!!!!!!in anyway. if it is possible, a visit from you in this community will be highly appreciated as you will get the chance to see what the primary school children go throug. the children’s rights manual says: every child has the right to good education.
    hope to hear from you. VIOLET NDLOVU…0825080397/email vicious1@360.com

    • Dear Violet.

      Thank you for your comment sent to the newsblog of the Education Library at the University of Pretoria. Unfortunately this is just a newsblog run by the University of Pretoria’s library. I would suggest you contact the Minister directly at:

      Pretoria OfficeStreet address: 222 Struben Street, Pretoria, 2000
      Postal address: Private Bag X603, Pretoria, 0001
      tel no. 012-357-3000
      fax: 012-323-5989
      Cape Town Office Street address: 120 Plein Street, Cape Town, 8000
      Postal Address: Private Bag X9034, Cape Town, 8000
      Tel: 021-465-7350
      Fax: 021-461-4788

      Best regards
      Johann van Wyk

  4. as the students of ekukhanyeni we are appealing that you reconsider the closing of our school.we have tried to negotiate with the department of education in gauteng but we never got the chance to talk to the MEC to address this issue. We ask you to intervene in the situation as soon as possible.please consider the plea of a poor africain child in the local informal settlements we are appiling for your ubutu to reconsider this other wise detrimaital decision.thank for your understanding.

    • Dear Carly, unfortunately this is just a newsletter written by die Education Library of the University of Pretoria. The best will be to contact the Government Department of Basic Education at Private Bag X895, Pretoria, 0001 or Tel:0800 202933 or Tel: 012-3573000.

      Best regards
      Johann van Wyk
      Education Library
      University of Pretoria

  5. Hi mam im a education student who just completed my fourth year in Cape Town CPUT but i have no job because, i dont have a bursary cos my dad saved money for me to study, I cant get a post, Because i dont have a certain bursary and i have no experience but I have a six month in-service. Then there are fellow students of my class who have the bursary but they also dont have a post; but every week or month we hear of many schools who need teachers but we still dont have post so what should we do ,because its unfair to everyone who doesn`t have a bursary or experience.

    • Hi Aletha

      This is only a newsletter written by the Education Library at the University of Pretoria. The best will be to contact the Minister of Basic Education directly at Private Bag X895, Pretoria, 0001 or Tel:0800 202933 or Tel: 012-3573000

  6. Pleace investigate the funds in ECD Grade R in public schools (primary) wages of practitionors are not satisfying to everybody, thy get paid after 4-6 months after they confranted the office. Is more than 10years now but they still get steppens and is R3,000,00pm
    from limpopo

    • Dear Anonymous

      This is only a newsletter written by the Education Library at the University of Pretoria. The best will be to write to the Minister of Basic Education directly at Private Bag X895, Pretoria, 0001 or to phone the department at Tel:0800 202933 or Tel: 012-3573000

  7. Greetings to minister my name is caroline i was a student at T.N.C thats the college in soshanguve,so i applied for my cetificate for N3 since on may 2010 even now i didn’t get it,so i went to check it again last month they told me to go to department of education to check whats happening n i went there they said they’ll call me and tell me after they investigated it,i went there three times they just tell me th same thing it seem like they don’t do anything about it.So minister i was asking how can you help me with my problem? I really need it i want to apply with it,is holding me back.

  8. Dear Anonymous

    This is only a newsletter written by the Education Library at the University of Pretoria. The best will be to write to the Minister of Basic Education directly at Private Bag X895, Pretoria, 0001 or to phone the department at Tel:0800 202933 or Tel: 012-3573000

  9. My name is Kgale, teacher,SMT member and a stundent of research at UP. I am happy about the new proposed Z8. It will solve some of the problems that SMT members experiences at school with regards to teacher late arrival and teacher absenteeism.
    Beside, my research topic/ focus is on teacher absenteeism.

    Thumbs up(minister).


  10. Good day, i am so dissapointed in the Gauteng Education department in commisioner street JHB, I am holding on for 30 minutes, i am quering how to register a computer school, with dept. of edcucation, but no one can give me answer they just keep on transfering me, im typing this whilst im holding on for someone to answer me, they’ve put me through where the damn phone is just ringing and im getting frustrated now, do something with them

    • Dear Fatima

      This is just a blogsite of the Education Library of The University of Pretoria. Unfortunately we have no leverage with the Gauteng Department of Education. Perhaps you can also try the Department of Basic Education in Pretoria at Tel:0800 202933 or Tel: 012-3573000? Is there perhaps any of our readers that can assist Fatima?


  11. Good morning

    My name is Nobuhle I have a problem, my child was doing grade 11 at Tholang high school, now they were told that if a child is pregnant she won’t be able to go back to the school, now my problem is that as she was doing grade 11 she is now supposed to do grade 12 there is no school that is going to accept her n that means her future is dying please help

    • Dear Nobuhle

      This is only a newsletter written by the Education Library at the University of Pretoria. The best will be to write to the Minister of Basic Education directly at Private Bag X895, Pretoria, 0001 or to phone the department at Tel:0800 202933 or Tel: 012-3573000

  12. dear minister…Im a 42years old single mum of 3.I have been working as a cashier for the last 3yrs,but i lost my job in october.ive been registered to study Education @Unisa now i cant register this year as i fail to pay for the remaining feesR2500.my 21years old boy was also doing ABET with Unisa ,we both cant cont because of fees,we applied for NSFAS but we were not lucky.what makes things worse now is that my 18years old son was doing engineering course with Molapo FET college,unfortunately he failed 2subjects,now he cant register this year as he have to pay R1200,for last year and register with R6000,for this year…pls help idont know what to do,its not easy for me to find job and i am renting R1500.i didnt pay rent for two month,they can kick me out anytime

    • Dear Yoliswa

      This is only a newsletter written by the Education Library at the University of Pretoria. The best will be to write to the Minister of Higher Education and Training directly at Private Bag X9192, Cape Town, 8000, or e-mail: callcentre@dhet.gov.za, or contact the Department at phone: 0800 87 2222.

  13. The goverment need to extend to old Matric slybuss nated 550,and need to make it easy to pass,please Extend till 2018.

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