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Blade Nzimande appointed as Minister of Higher Education and Training

Blade NzimandeDr Bonginkosi Emmanuel “Blade” Nzimande (born April 14, 1958), General Secretary of the South African Communist Party since 1998,  has been appointed as Minister of Higher Education and Training by the new President elect of South Africa, Jacob Zuma.  He has a doctorate degree in philosophy specialising in sociology. For more information on him on Wikipedia Click Here!

16 Responses

  1. How do I apply for bursary or loan for my son to study mechanical engineering at Cape Peninsula Technical University ? My income is R96000 per annum

    • Dear Nicky

      This blog is only a newsletter adminstered by the Education Library at the University of Pretoria. Maybe you should contact the Student administration at Cape Peninsula Technical University directly. They should be able to assist you regarding this matter.

  2. Goodday I would like to ask the following question regarding the penalty points system of scholars my granson is in grade 5 and was penalysed with 30 points for damageging school property when he threw a piece of paper in a toilet which he did but he was instructed to remove it by his bare hand after somebody used the toilet he did removed and according to me this act was enough and he should not have received penalty points as this degrading act was enough please let me know if it was done correctly

  3. Attention to HR Manager Phalaborwa FET College
    Cc Rector/ Principal
    SNR Admin Clerk
    Ref co/04/2011
    Ref PHB/01/2011
    = This position advertised in the Sowetan, Tuesday 04 October 2011. May be we are lost please clarify us. Is the FET College offer Degree, if not why do you advertised with university requirements? Please explain
    = Minister Dr Blade Nzimande always talk about empowering FET student, do you also do that? If yes how
    = FET is offering N Course and NCV in various field of studies including Administration and Finance, where is this student going to get job with N or NCV Certificate when you FET college don’t show companies that you produce quality by employing them in your institution.
    = Did Universities advertised position with FET qualifications or you already have people to fill the positions? If yes why bother to advertised and waste people time and last cent of unemployed?
    = Each and every year FET colleges is doing career guide in high school to recruit students to register so where they going to work when they complete the course because you FET college don’t believe in your product. Can you use the product that the owner is not using it?
    = I assume that you complete your degree in university that means you are in wrong place, let people who understand and completed their N course take over your position because they understand environment and they know what FET college is.
    = Therefore suggest that position should be advertised according to institution products. e.g. If it is FET requirement should be N certificate to Diploma as we all know that college produce those kind of qualifications.
    Please put right people in the right position you won’t find this embarrassing mess
    Colly F Mbazima 072 552 3455

  4. how do I contact the Minister of Higher Education?

  5. Dear Mr Nzimande i am complaining about a training centre at ergo mining,brakpan.i am a learner under NSF we’v been complaining about a R900.00 stipend that we are earning every month is not enough for transport,food and rent.we reported to the department of labour and MQA but nothing have been done instead it’s like they bribe them.our training officers is telling us that its a favour we should be getting R480.00 every month.i am worried about south africa coz they wont get quality artisans instead they will get more criminals.plz help

    • Dear Mr Maila

      This blog is only a newsletter adminstered by the Education Library at the University of Pretoria. The best will be to send your message directly to Mr Nzimande at the Department of Higher Education and Training at:
      Call Centre: 0800 872 222
      Tel: 012 312 5911
      Fax: 012 321 6770
      Email: callcentre@dhet.gov.za

    I am currently a student at the university of the free state. I am really one of those dedicated students who is in-need of financial assistance. I have applied for a bursary from the department of education in Free state last year, with bad of luck I did not get it. So I requesting to you a Bursary

    • Dear Mohau

      I have sent your comment through to Professor Jansen your rector. There should be financial assistance available through your university.
      Johann van Wyk

  7. assistance in a form of a loan(NSFAS) or Bursary?

    • Dear Mohau

      This is something you will have to take up with your university. This newsblog is just a newsletter from the University of Pretoria library. I am not sure of the details of financial support at your university. Remember that financial support in any form will depend on your results/marks (If these were not good you might not get any assistance)!

      Johann van Wyk

  8. My son rote NQF level 3 Boiler Maker in 2010, and NQF level 4 in 2011, he did not receive the certificates we only have academic records, i called the school but ai had no luck , they are saying they are also waitin, i was given the number at the college but no one is reponding to it.
    Melidah Mpumalanga Witbank

    • Dear Melidah
      Best will be to go to their offices and insist on service, or contact the South African Consumer Board
      Hope everything work out
      Julene Vermeulen

  9. Dear Julene Vermeulen Urgent its so sad in South Africa the system work only for people who are connected if you dont know anyone in the office you cant get NSFAS. my name is Portia Bushula a mother of a student at UJ my child is suppose to be a second year student but i dont have money to pay for her tuition fees and she is a well perfom student she pass all her modules last year .NSFAS declined our application they said i earn too much and I apply for study loan from different banks they say i dont qualify . im a single mother with three children all still at school i take home R6600 and after the debit orders goes off i left with R2300 to take care of the house hold transport to work and school. and the university of Johannesburg cant take back my child before I pay the money or make arrengement to pay them. i went to the Unirvesity but they said I dont qulify to make the arrengement cause Im earning less than R12000 they need to deduct R5500 a month from me by debit order otherwise my child has to stay home with me.who does this policy working for. because its not working for the poor. My child even try to commite a suicied. please assist i only manage to collect R20 000 only which is the 50percent of the fees and the registration but now she cant register because I earn less then R12000 .

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