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Report on Racism at South African Higher Education Institutions released

The South African Ministerial Committee on Racism at Higher Education Institutions released its report on 14 May 2009. To read the Report Click Here! [pdf file, 1.64 MB]

2 Responses

  1. To whom it may concern

    I am currently having a huge problem on one of my sites where the operations manager incharge does not want to deal with any of my black spervisors on site. As I am currently working for a fully BEE approved company it is creating allot of complications for me as the contract manager in charge of this job. The supervisor I have in charge is skilled with over 10 years experiance yet not good enough due to his race. As we currently get alot of work from the company where the operations manager does not find my supervisor good enough due to his race I can not afford to be exposed and report this matter. I am now in a very difficult position and do not know where to turn and how to go about it, as I can not risk getting exposed as my company will not get any further orders (multi million) and I can not risk loosing my job. Your urgent help in regards with this matter will be greatly appreciated as I feel this man can not carry on getting away with such actions and im sure I am not the only person that has the same problem, including his own staff employed by him.

    • Dear Gavin

      This is only an education newsblog administered by the Education Library at University of Pretoria, but perhaps there is some of our readers that can help you?

      Johann van Wyk

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