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Do away with private and model C schools, Cosatu calls

Doing away with private schools forms part of the Congress of SA Trade Union’s social policy outlined in its Growth Path Towards Full Employment document launched this week.

“[There is an] urgent need to eliminate the three-tiered structure of the education system which features private institutions, model-C schools and ordinary public schools and to redistribute resources toward ordinary public schools in working class and poor communities,” Cosatu’s growth path document read.

Cosatu proposed an education system that will be equitable, will level the “playing field” for all pupils, and will promote human rights, decent work and a culture of learning and teaching.

Reaction to this proposal has been swift, with one News24 reader expressing her horror at such a suggestion: “to do away with model C and private schools is ridiculous. We should be aspiring to bring all schools up to model C standards – not bring all higher standards down to mud level”, she said.

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