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Education Library, University of PretoriaWelcome to the Education Library Blog Page of the University of Pretoria. This page will keep you abreast of new trends and developments in services and products in the library as well as new trends and developments in the field of Education.

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This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 South Africa License.

7 Responses

  1. This is a really nice and neat blog, i will surely learn a lot from this. Thanks.
    HICSA – Conference

  2. thanks for the great read guys. very informative

  3. Johann and Clarisse’s e-mail addresses are available on the library’s web page at http://www.library.up.ac.za/edu/staff.htm

  4. I would like to contact Joey Van Niekerk,my company in partnership with schools in the D10 district of Johannesburg are in the process of starting a Academy for Maths,Science and Literacy to support the schools in improving the quality of education that is delivered in these schools,and hope to expand it further in we are successfull in this pilot project.This initiative will involve parents,interested members of the community eg church leaders etc.I believe the education of our children can no longer take place in isolation and parents need to know the truth about theflaws in the system.
    I am also of the same mind as Joey that we use the best from both systems,but we cannot wait for Govt.and we need to start working on improving what we can.We would like Joey’s input as we prepare to the for the launch of the Academy

  5. I cannot access Spady’s article on your blog. Is it possible that you can mail it to me asap. Many Thx. Needed to complete an assgnment. Thx Mark

  6. Can you name some thought leaders in the area of education from South Africa?

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