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SA government is considering extending 3 year university degrees to four years.

Since 1994, access to universities for poor students in South Africa has grown phenomenally. Enrolment of (mostly disadvantaged) African and mixed-race students rose by 268% in the decade to 2006. But in the face of low pass rates the debate has moved on from access to success, and government is considering extending three-year degrees to four years to include the foundational learning many under-prepared students need.

To read more go to the University World News article by Clicking  Here!


Minister of Education proposes replacement of 3 year university degrees with 4 year degrees

Three-year university degrees in South Africa may be a thing of the past if the Minister of Education’s proposal to make degrees four-year courses, is accepted by the Council for Higher Education. The four-year degree is a personal idea of the minister’s to close the gap between university and business, after employers indicated that graduates were lacking in language skills. (She believes all students should have at least a working knowledge of one indigenous language and an introduction to African history and civilisation). The fourth year would give students the extra time universities need to do additional training.

Another problem she identified is the high number of students who drop out. There are several factors that contribute to this. Schools fail to teach proper language skills and many first-year students struggle to cope with academic language and independent research and learning.

The fourth year will thus be a bridging year to the workplace.
To read more go to the Star Newspaper article by Clicking Here!