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“Fruitless debates based on bad information”

According to Luis Crouch, Senior Economist, Research Triangle Institute (USA), “every now and then South Africa’s education opinion leaders seem to get caught up in fruitless debates based on bad information, or badly-digested information. The tendency to misunderstand the nature of the issues seems to have erupted again, recently, with debates around dropout issues. But the evidence is so clear, so strong, and so easily accessible, that negligence to base one’s opinions on the evidence borders either on mendacity or academic sloppiness

To read the whole article, as published on the SA Departement of Education’s site, Click here!


What is behind South Africa’s high university dropout rates?

A recent article released by Moneyweb touches on the reasons for the high dropout rates at South African Universities. The article refers to recent information released by Higher Education SA (HESA), a Section 21 company representing all 23 public universities in South Africa, that the dropout rate escalated alarmingly in recent years, and is hitting highs of up of up to 35% at some universities, with the bulk of those leaving being first-year students.  It also refers to the Human Sciences Research Council’s recent study of about 34 000 students which showed that of this amount, only 14 000 students graduated, with some 20 000 dropping out of their courses, most of them being either in their first year or midway through their second year of study.

To read the rest of the Moneyweb article Click Here!