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The South African family is in crisis according to an SAIRR Report

South African families are in crisis according to a recent report released by the South African Institute of Race Relations. The report “The First Steps to Healing the South African Family”, documents the extent of family breakdown in South Africa and the effect this is having on children and the youth.

Some of the statistics that can be found in the report are:

  • Of the 9.1 million double orphans in Sub-Saharan Africa in 2005, around 5.2 million (almost 60%) had lost at least one of their parents to AIDS
  • South Africa has 859 000 double orphans (children who have lost both parents) (2008 figures)
  • South Africa has 2 468 000 paternal orphans (2008 figures)
  • South Africa has 624 000 maternal orphans (2008 figures)
  • 3.95 million children in South Africa had lost 1 or both parents by 2008 which means an increase of about one third since 2002
  • Almost half of all orphans and two-thirds of double orphans in South Africa were between the ages of 12 and 17 years
  •  481 994 double orphans were enrolled in ordinary schools in South Africa in 2008
  • 1 661 275 children whose mother or father had died were enrolled in ordinary schools in South Africa in 2008
  • Medical Research Council’s estimates in 2002 were that in 2015 some 5 700 000 children in Southern Africa would have lost one or both parents to AIDS

To more go to TimesLive’s article by Clicking Here!

To download the full report Click Here!


Blade Nzimande calls for expansion of access to tertiary education

Access to formal education and training institutions is constrained and needs to be expanded Higher Education and Training Minister Blade Nzimande said recently.

Enrolments at Further Education and Training (FET) colleges in particular needed to increase if South Africa was to come close to meeting the need for mid-level skills and the demand from youth for increased training opportunities

While mindful of the need to maintain and improve the quality of education and training boldness is needed in expanding enrolments, and thus opportunities, while not compromising quality, he said at the National Skills Summit in Pretoria, recently.

This speech follows on the heel of another speech  delivered by him at the FET college summit in Johannesburg, where he called for some amendments and additions in the curriculum of Further Education and Training (FET) colleges to absorb the country’s desolate youth into its workforce and address the high unemployment rate in South Africa.

To read more go to the Sapa article on Times Live by Clicking Here!

OR read the article by Loni Prinsloo in Creamer Media’s Engineering News by Clicking Here!

“Fruitless debates based on bad information”

According to Luis Crouch, Senior Economist, Research Triangle Institute (USA), “every now and then South Africa’s education opinion leaders seem to get caught up in fruitless debates based on bad information, or badly-digested information. The tendency to misunderstand the nature of the issues seems to have erupted again, recently, with debates around dropout issues. But the evidence is so clear, so strong, and so easily accessible, that negligence to base one’s opinions on the evidence borders either on mendacity or academic sloppiness

To read the whole article, as published on the SA Departement of Education’s site, Click here!