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Research endorses mother-tongue education

Internatonal research, including research done in Africa, continues to endorse the view that mother-tongue education is the way to go.

Language experts blame at least some of South Africa’s poor educational results, and its poor showing in international tests of reading and maths ability, on a lack of mother-tongue education, especially in primary school.

To read the rest of Sue Blaine’s article in Business Day on allAfrica.com Click Here!


“Literacy, maths shocker in SA”

“Most primary school pupils in South Africa are failing tests for basic language and mathematics skills. ‘Poor national averages for language and mathematics in grades three and six show that most learners do not acquire the skills and understanding that give substance to the right to education’,  said the Children’s Institute (Cape Town) in a statement.”

Click here to read more as reported by News24

Click here for the Children’s Institute’s Report:  SA Child Gauge  2008/2009